(MAAL APC 2022)

The Role of Languages in the Pursuit of Global Sustainability

10 – 11 AUGUST 2022, Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA

Subcommittees of the Corporate Communications & Branding

Associate Professor Ts Dr Shahrina Md Nordin

Associate Professor Ts Dr Shahrina Md Nordin A.C.M is an Institute Director of sustainability at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. She was attached at PETRONAS Corporate Strategy Division on sustainability and circular economy. She is currently Associate Fellow for Akademi Sains Malaysia and a certified Professional Technologist under Malaysian Board of Technologies. Her area of expertise is language and communication. She has published numerous papers in high-impact journals on innovation diffusion for technology adoption.

Ammar Redza Bin Ahmad Rizal

Ammar Redza Ahmad Rizal is a senior lecturer at Centre for Research in Media and Communication (MENTION), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. His current interests include strategic communication, political communication and social identity in communication. He has multiple experience involving in inter-disciplinary research with various parties including academics, industries and international collaborators

Muhamad Elyas Bin Md Nor

Muhamad Elyas Bin Md Nor, Lecturer at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). Has served under the Department of Modern Languages (DML) since 2018. The main focus of his teaching are ESP courses primarily English for Professional Communications to undergraduate students from engineering and science programmes. Has interest in language testing especially speaking tests.

Norhaniza Md Ismail

Norhaniza Md Ismail holds a MA in Linguistics and English Language Studies from Universiti Sains Malaysia and a BA in English Language and Linguistics from Universiti Putra Malaysia. She is currently pursuing her PHD in English Literature at Universiti Putra Malaysia. She has taught at Universiti Teknologi Mara Pulau Pinang for six and a half years, teaching English proficiency papers to diploma students from various faculties.. Her areas of research interest are gender studies and feminist literary studies.

Jasmin Hassan

Jasmin Hassan is an English lecturer and the Program Leader for Foundation in Humanities at Centre for Foundation Studies, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. She has a love for poetry and has published two collections of poems under an independent press. Her other interests include interpersonal communication and speaking anxiety among second and foreign language speakers.

Sharifah Syakila Syed Shaharuddin

Sharifah Syakila Syed Shaharuddin is an English lecturer at the Academy of Language Studies (APB) in UiTM Kedah. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Applied Linguistics in UUM focusing on the language of leadership among youths. Her current interests include discourse analysis, pragmatics and interpersonal communication.

Heng Ee How

Heng Ee How holds a Master of Education in English language teaching (UUM), a Bachelor of Language and Linguistics (UM) and a Japanese Language & Culture certificate (Soka University). She teaches English proficiency courses, public speaking and Japanese language courses at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College. She was previously a course leader in UUM and received University’s Excellent Service Award for UUM staff category for year 2016. Currently, she is the member for a MELTA National Research Collaboration team and appointed as sub-committee in MAAL. Her research interests include second language acquisition, teaching and learning strategies, sociolinguistics and educational psychology.

Vahid Nimehchisalem

Vahid holds a PhD in TESL. He’s been involved in teaching English as a second and foreign language since 1996. He’s currently Associate Professor at the Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, UPM, and Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Asia-e University, Malaysia. English language learning-teaching materials evaluation and language assessment are his main areas of research interest. He’s chief editor of the International Journal of Education and Literacy Studies (IJELS), managing editor of the Journal of Language and Communication (JLC), and board member of a number of other journals in the area.

Parveenpal Kaur A/P Najar Singh

Parveenpal Kaur has been teaching for 15 years, and I am working at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman now in Centre for Foundation Studies. I obtained both my Master in Applied Linguistics and BA English from UPM.

Nur'ain Balqis Binti Haladin

Dr Balqis is a senior lecturer and currently holds a position as the Associate Chair of Language Academy, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, UTM. Her research interests include health communication, discourse analysis, pragmatics, and intercultural communication.